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1. underlie

be or form the base for

2. underlie

lie underneath

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of underlie
verb -lies, -lying, -lay or -lain (transitive)
to lie or be placed under or beneath
to be the foundation, cause, or basis of
careful planning underlies all our decisions
3. finance
to take priority over (another claim, liability, mortgage, etc)
a first mortgage underlies a second
to be the root or stem from which (a word) is derived
"happy" underlies "happiest"

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see synonyms of underlie
verb transitiveWord forms: ˌunderˈlay, ˌunderˈlain, ˌunderˈlying
to lie under or beneath
trusses underlie the roof
to be the basis for; form the foundation of
3.  Finance
to have priority over (another) in order of claim, as a bond

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see synonyms of underlie
tr.v. un·der·lay (-lā), un·der·lain (-lān), un·der·ly·ing, un·der·lies
1. To be located under or below.
2. To be the support or basis of; account for: Many factors underlie my decision.
3. To constitute a prior claim over.

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