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Puff pronunciation in English

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1. puff, puff of air, whiff

a short light gust of air

2. puff

a light inflated pastry or puff shell

3. puff

exaggerated praise (as for promotional purposes)

4. comfort, comforter, puff, quilt

bedding made of two layers of cloth filled with stuffing and stitched together

5. powderpuff, puff

a soft spherical object made from fluffy fibers; for applying powder to the skin

6. hassock, ottoman, pouf, pouffe, puff

thick cushion used as a seat

7. drag, puff, pull

a slow inhalation (as of tobacco smoke)

Example Sentences:
'he took a puff on his pipe'
'he took a drag on his cigarette and expelled the smoke slowly'

8. blow, puff

forceful exhalation through the nose or mouth

Example Sentences:
'he gave his nose a loud blow'
'he blew out all the candles with a single puff'


9. puff, whiff

smoke and exhale strongly

Example Sentences:
'puff a cigar'
'whiff a pipe'

10. drag, draw, puff

suck in or take (air)

Example Sentences:
'draw a deep breath'
'draw on a cigarette'

11. gasp, heave, pant, puff

breathe noisily, as when one is exhausted

Example Sentences:
'The runners reached the finish line, panting heavily'

12. puff

make proud or conceited

Example Sentences:
'The sudden fame puffed her ego'

13. puff, puff up

praise extravagantly

Example Sentences:
'The critics puffed up this Broadway production'

14. puff

speak in a blustering or scornful manner

Example Sentences:
'A puffing kind of man'

15. blow up, puff, puff out, puff up

to swell or cause to enlarge,

Example Sentences:
'Her faced puffed up from the drugs'
'puffed out chests'

16. chuff, huff, puff

blow hard and loudly

Example Sentences:
'he huffed and puffed as he made his way up the mountain'


17. puff, puffed

gathered for protruding fullness

Example Sentences:
'puff sleeves'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of puff
a short quick draught, gust, or emission, as of wind, smoke, air, etc, esp a forceful one
the amount of wind, smoke, etc, released in a puff
the sound made by or associated with a puff
an instance of inhaling and expelling the breath as in smoking
a swelling
a light aerated pastry usually filled with cream, jam, etc
a powder puff
exaggerated praise, as of a book, product, etc, esp through an advertisement
a piece of clothing fabric gathered up so as to bulge in the centre while being held together at the edges
a loose piece of hair wound into a cylindrical roll, usually over a pad, and pinned in place in a coiffure
11.  a less common word for quilt (sense 1)
one's breath (esp in the phrase out of puff)
13. slang, offensive
a male homosexual
14.  a dialect word for puffball
to blow or breathe or cause to blow or breathe in short quick draughts or blasts
16. (tr; often foll by out; usually passive)
to cause to be out of breath
to take puffs or draws at (a cigarette, cigar, or pipe)
to move with or by the emission of puffs
the steam train puffed up the incline
19. (often foll by up, out, etc)
to swell, as with air, pride, etc
20. (transitive)
to praise with exaggerated empty words, often in advertising
21. (transitive)
to apply (cosmetic powder) from a powder puff to (the face)
to increase the price of (a lot in an auction) artificially by having an accomplice make false bids

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see synonyms of puff
a short, sudden burst or gust, as of wind, or an expulsion, as of breath
the sound of this
a small quantity of vapor, smoke, etc. expelled at one time
a draw at a cigarette, pipe, etc.
a swelling, or a protuberance caused by swelling
a shell of soft, light pastry filled with whipped cream, custard, etc.
a soft, bulging mass of material, full in the middle and gathered in at the edges
a soft roll of hair on the head
a soft pad for dabbing powder on the skin or hair
a quilted bed covering with cotton, wool, or down filling
a.  Archaic
vain show; bluff
an advertisement, review, etc., as of a book, containing undue or exaggerated praise
verb intransitive
to blow in puffs, as the wind
to give forth puffs of smoke, steam, etc.
to breathe rapidly and hard, as from running
to move, giving forth puffs
with away, out, in, etc.
to come in puffs, as smoke
to fill (out or up), as with air
to become inflated, as with pride
with out or up
to swell (out or up), as skin tissue
to take a puff or puffs at a cigarette, pipe, etc.
verb transitive
to blow, drive, give forth, etc. in or with a puff or puffs
to swell; distend; inflate
to praise unduly
to write or print a puff of
to puff a novel
to smoke (a cigarette, pipe, etc.)
to set (the hair) in soft, round masses or rolls

Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition. Copyright © 2010 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. All rights reserved.


see synonyms of puff
a. A short forceful exhalation of breath.
b. A short sudden gust of wind.
c. A brief sudden emission of air, vapor, or smoke.
d. A short sibilant sound produced by a puff.
2. An amount of vapor, smoke, or similar material released in a puff.
3. An act of drawing in and expelling the breath, as in smoking tobacco.
4. A swelling or rounded protuberance.
5. Puff pastry.
6. A light soft pad for applying powder or lotion.
7. A gathered, protruding portion of fabric.
8. A light padded bed covering.
a. An approving or flattering recommendation.
b. A piece of writing, as on the jacket of a book, containing often exaggerated praise, used for promotional purposes.
10. Genetics A localized region of swelling in certain chromosomes indicating the active synthesis of RNA.
v. puffed, puff·ing, puffs
1. To blow in puffs.
2. To come forth in puffs: steam puffing from an engine.
3. To breathe forcefully and rapidly: huffed and puffed up the stairs.
4. To emit puffs.
5. To take puffs on smoking material: puffing on a cigar.
6. To swell or seem to swell, as with pride or air. Often used with up: He puffed up and glared at the importuning questioner.
1. To emit or give forth in puffs.
2. To impel with puffs.
3. To smoke (a cigar, for example).
4. To inflate or distend: The wind puffed out the sail.
5. To fill with pride or conceit: The compliment puffed up his ego.
6. To publicize with often exaggerated praise: publishers who puff their new books.

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