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1. metastatic

relating to or affected by metastasis

Example Sentences:
'metastatic growth'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


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noun plural -ses (-ˌsiːz)
1. pathology
the spreading of a disease, esp cancer cells, from one part of the body to another
a transformation or change, as in rhetoric, from one point to another
3.  a rare word for metabolism

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nounWord forms: plural meˈtastaˌses (məˈtæstəˌsiz ; mətasˈtəsēzˌ)
1.  Rare
change of form or matter; transformation
2.  Medicine
the spread of disease from one part of the body to another unrelated to it, as in the transfer of the cells of a malignant tumor by way of the bloodstream or lymphatics

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see synonyms of metastatic
n. pl. me·tas·ta·ses (-sēz)
1. Transmission of pathogenic microorganisms or cancerous cells from an original site to one or more sites elsewhere in the body, usually by way of the blood vessels or lymphatics.
2. A secondary cancerous growth formed by transmission of cancerous cells from a primary growth located elsewhere in the body.

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