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Blink pronunciation in English

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1. blink, blinking, eye blink, nictation, nictitation, wink, winking

a reflex that closes and opens the eyes rapidly


2. blink, nictate, nictitate, wink

briefly shut the eyes

Example Sentences:
'The TV announcer never seems to blink'

3. blink, blink away, wink

force to go away by blinking

Example Sentences:
'blink away tears'

4. blink, flash, twinkle, wink, winkle

gleam or glow intermittently

Example Sentences:
'The lights were flashing'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of blink
to close and immediately reopen (the eyes or an eye), usually involuntarily
2. (intransitive)
to look with the eyes partially closed, as in strong sunlight
to shine intermittently, as in signalling, or unsteadily
4. (tr; foll by away, from, etc)
to clear the eyes of (dust, tears, etc)
5. (when tr, usually foll by at)
to be surprised or amazed
he blinked at the splendour of the ceremony
6. (when intr, foll by at)
to pretend not to know or see (a fault, injustice, etc)
the act or an instance of blinking
a glance; glimpse
9.  short for iceblink (sense 1)
10.  on the blink

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see synonyms of blink
verb intransitive
to close the eyelids and open them quickly one or more times, as either a reflex or a conscious act
to flash on and off; twinkle or glimmer
to look with eyes half-shut and winking, as in dazzling light
to look (at) as if not seeing; disregard; ignore; condone
to blink at a mistake
to look (at) with wonder or shock
he blinked at the weight of the players
5.  Obsolete
to look with a glance
verb transitive
to wink (the eyes) rapidly
to cause (eyes, light, etc.) to wink or blink
to get rid of (tears, eye drops, etc.) by blinking
with away or from
to close the eyes to (a fact or situation); evade or avoid
to signal (a message) by flashing a light, etc.
a blinking of the eyes
a brief flash of light; twinkle or glimmer
13.  Chiefly Scottish
a quick look; glimpse

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see synonyms of blink
v. blinked, blink·ing, blinks
1. To close and open one or both of the eyes rapidly.
2. To look in astonishment or disbelief, typically with the eyes blinking: stood blinking at the money they found in the drawer; blinked at the results of the experiment.
3. To look through half-closed eyes, as in a bright glare; squint: blinked at the page trying to make out the letters.
4. To give off light with intermittent gleams; flash on and off: "blazing neon signs, brilliant shop windows, decorations blinking across the fronts of half-finished tower blocks" (Jess Row).
5. To pretend to be ignorant of; disregard or condone: a mayor who refused to blink at corruption.
6. To waver or back down, as in a contest of wills: "This was the first genuine, direct confrontation between this administration and the Soviets. It was the U.S.A. that blinked" (Zbigniew Brzezinski).
1. To cause to blink: blinked his eyes to clear his vision.
2. To hold back or remove from the eyes by blinking: blinked back the tears.
3. To refuse to recognize or face: blink ugly facts.
4. To transmit (a message) with a flashing light.
1. The act or an instance of rapidly closing and opening the eyes or an eye.
2. An instant: I'll be back in a blink.
3. Scots A quick look or glimpse; a glance.
4. A flash of light; a twinkle.
5. See iceblink.

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