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Zoning pronunciation in English

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1. zoning

dividing an area into zones or sections reserved for different purposes such as residence and business and manufacturing etc

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of zoning
a region, area, or section characterized by some distinctive feature or quality
a sphere of thought, disagreement, argument, etc
an area subject to a particular political, military, or government function, use, or jurisdiction
a demilitarized zone
4. (often capital) geography
one of the divisions of the earth's surface, esp divided into latitudinal belts according to temperature
Torrid Zone, Frigid Zone, Temperate Zone
5. geology
a distinctive layer or region of rock, characterized by particular fossils (zone fossils), metamorphism, structural deformity, etc
6. ecology
an area, esp a belt of land, having a particular flora and fauna determined by the prevailing environmental conditions
7. mathematics
a portion of a sphere between two parallel planes intersecting the sphere
8. archaic or literary
a girdle or belt
9. New Zealand
a section on a transport route; fare stage
10. New Zealand
a catchment area for pupils for a specific school
11.  in the zone
verb (transitive)
to divide into zones, as for different use, jurisdiction, activities, etc
to designate as a zone
to mark with or divide into zones
15. New Zealand
to establish (an area) as a zone for a specific school

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see synonyms of zoning
an encircling band, stripe, course, etc. distinct in color, texture, structure, etc. from the surrounding medium
any of the five great latitudinal divisions of the earth's surface, named according to the prevailing climate: see Frigid Zone, Temperate Zone, Torrid Zone
any area or region considered as separate or distinct from others because of its particular use, crops, plant or animal life, status in time of war, geological features, etc.
a canal zone, cotton zone, demilitarized zone
4.  US
any section or district in a city restricted by law for a particular use, as for homes, parks, businesses, etc.
any space along a street or road restricted in a specified way, esp. by traffic regulations
“no parking” zone
5.  US
any of the numbered sections into which a postal area is divided, as in the ZIP Code system
any of a series of ring-shaped areas concentric on a given point, each having a different parcel-post rate
6.  US
a district within which a uniform rate is charged, as by a transportation system
time zone
8.  Archaic
a belt or girdle
9.  Ancient Mathematics
a part of the surface of a sphere lying between two parallel planes that intersect the figure
10.  Sport
any of the areas into which a football field, basketball court, etc. is divided, as for defense
verb transitiveWord forms: zoned or ˈzoning
to mark off or divide into zones
; specif.,
a.  US
to divide (a city, etc.) into areas determined by specific restrictions on types of construction, as into residential and business areas
b.  US
to limit to a certain use by designating as or placing in a zone (sense 4) zone (sense 4a)
to surround with or as with a belt or zone; encircle
to mark with bands or stripes

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