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1. troubled

characterized by or indicative of distress or affliction or danger or need

Example Sentences:
'troubled areas'
'fell into a troubled sleep'
'a troubled expression'
'troubled teenagers'

2. disruptive, riotous, troubled, tumultuous, turbulent

characterized by unrest or disorder or insubordination

Example Sentences:
'effects of the struggle will be violent and disruptive'
'riotous times'
'these troubled areas'
'the tumultuous years of his administration'
'a turbulent and unruly childhood'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of troubled
worried or concerned
emotionally or mentally disturbed
characterized by unrest, esp. social unrest
troubled youth

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see synonyms of troubled
1. A state of distress, affliction, difficulty, or need: tried to console them in their trouble; got in trouble with the police.
2. A distressing or difficult circumstance or situation: I've had troubles ever since I took this job.
3. A cause or source of distress, disturbance, or difficulty: The new recruits were a trouble to him.
4. Effort, especially when inconvenient or bothersome: went to a lot of trouble to find this book.
5. A condition of pain, disease, or malfunction: heart trouble; car trouble.
a. Public unrest or disorder.
b. An instance of this; a disturbance.
c. Troubles Any of various conflicts or rebellions in Ireland or Northern Ireland, especially the period of social unrest in Northern Ireland beginning in 1969.
v. trou·bled, trou·bling, trou·bles
1. To afflict with pain or discomfort: My stomach is troubling me.
a. To cause to be anxious or worried: was troubled by the decline in sales.
b. To cause to have emotional or mental problems that interfere with social functioning: a teenager who is troubled and needs help.
3. To inconvenience; bother: May I trouble you for directions?
4. To agitate; stir up: winds troubling the waters.
To take pains: They trouble over every detail.

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