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1. rolled, rolling, trilled

uttered with a trill

Example Sentences:
'she used rolling r's as in Spanish'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


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1. music
a melodic ornament consisting of a rapid alternation between a principal note and the note a whole tone or semitone above it
. Usual symbol: ()in written above a note tr., tr
a shrill warbling sound, esp as made by some birds
3. phonetics
the articulation of an (r) sound produced by holding the tip of the tongue close to the alveolar ridge, allowing the tongue to make a succession of taps against the ridge
the production of a similar effect using the uvula against the back of the tongue
to sound, sing, or play (a trill or with a trill)
5. (transitive)
to pronounce (an (r) sound) by the production of a trill
verb, noun
an archaic or poetic word for trickle

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see synonyms of trilled
a rapid alternation of a given musical tone with the tone a diatonic second above it
see also vibrato
the warbling sound made by some birds
3.  Phonetics
a rapid vibration of the tongue or uvula, as in pronouncing the sounds represented by r in some languages
a sound so produced
verb transitive, verb intransitive
to sound, speak, or play with a trill

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see synonyms of trilled
1. A fluttering or tremulous sound, as that made by certain birds; a warble.
2. Music
a. The rapid alternation of two tones either a whole or a half tone apart.
b. A vibrato.
3. Linguistics
a. A rapid vibration of one speech organ against another, as of the tongue against the alveolar ridge in Spanish rr.
b. A speech sound pronounced with such a vibration.
v. trilled, tril·ling, trills
1. To sound, sing, or play with a trill.
2. To articulate (a sound) with a trill.
To produce or give forth a trill.

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