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1. transitiveness, transitivity

the grammatical relation created by a transitive verb

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


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1. grammar
denoting an occurrence of a verb when it requires a direct object or denoting a verb that customarily requires a direct object
'to find' is a transitive verb
(as noun)
these verbs are transitives
2. grammar
denoting an adjective, such as fond, or a noun, such as husband, that requires a noun phrase and cannot be used without some implicit or explicit reference to such a noun phrase
3. logic, mathematics
having the property that if one object bears a relationship to a second object that also bears the same relationship to a third object, then the first object bears this relationship to the third object
mathematical equality is transitive, since if x = y and y = z then x = z

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1.  Rare
of, showing, or characterized by transition; transitional
2.  Grammar
expressing an action thought of as passing over to and having an effect on some person or thing; taking a direct object
said of certain verbs
3.  Ancient Mathematics
designating a relation having the property that, whenever a first element bears a particular relation to a second that in turn bears this same relation to a third, the first element bears this relation to the third
identity and equality are transitive relations
a transitive verb

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see synonyms of transitiveness
1. Abbr. trans. or tr. or t. Grammar Expressing an action carried from the subject to the object; requiring a direct object to complete meaning. Used of a verb or verb construction.
2. Characterized by or involving transition.
3. Logic & Mathematics Of or relating to a binary relation such that, whenever one element is related to a second element and the second element is related to a third element, then the first element is also related to the third element. Examples of transitive relations are "less than" for real numbers (a < b and b < c implies a < c) and divisibility for integers (a divides b and b divides c mean that a divides c).
A transitive verb.

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