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1. tentacular

of or relating to or resembling tentacles

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


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any of various elongated flexible organs that occur near the mouth in many invertebrates and are used for feeding, grasping, etc
any of the hairs on the leaf of an insectivorous plant that are used to capture prey
something resembling a tentacle, esp in its ability to reach out or grasp

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see synonyms of tentacular
any of a variety of long, slender, flexible growths, as about the head or mouth of some invertebrate animals, used variously for grasping, feeling, moving, etc.
2.  Botany
any of various sensitive hairs on the leaves of some plants, as those used in capturing insects

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see synonyms of tentacular
1. Zoology
a. An elongated flexible unsegmented extension, as one of those surrounding the mouth of a sea anemone, used for feeling, grasping, or locomotion.
b. One of these structures in a cephalopod, typically being retractile and having a clublike end usually with suckers or hooks, in contrast to an arm, which is nonretractile and typically has suckers along the underside.
2. Botany One of the sensitive hairs on the leaves of certain insectivorous plants, such as a sundew.
3. A similar part or extension, especially with respect to the ability to grasp or stretch: an espionage network with far-reaching tentacles.

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