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1. suspended

(of undissolved particles in a fluid) supported or kept from sinking or falling by buoyancy and without apparent attachment

Example Sentences:
'suspended matter such as silt or mud...'
'dust particles suspended in the air'
'droplets in suspension in a gas'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of suspended
1. (transitive)
to hang from above so as to permit free movement
2. (tr; passive)
to cause to remain floating or hanging
a cloud of smoke was suspended over the town
3. (transitive)
to render inoperative or cause to cease, esp temporarily
to suspend interest payments
4. (transitive)
to hold in abeyance; postpone action on
to suspend a decision
5. (transitive)
to debar temporarily from privilege, office, etc, as a punishment
6. (transitive) chemistry
to cause (particles) to be held in suspension in a fluid
7. (transitive) music
to continue (a note) until the next chord is sounded, with which it usually forms a dissonance
suspension (sense 11)
8. (intransitive)
to cease payment, as from incapacity to meet financial obligations
9. (transitive) obsolete
to put or keep in a state of anxiety or wonder
10. (intransitive) obsolete
to be attached from above

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see synonyms of suspended
verb transitive
to bar or exclude as a penalty from an office, school, position, etc., usually for a specified time; debar
to cause to cease or become inoperative for a time; stop temporarily
to suspend train service, to suspend a rule
to defer or hold back (judgment), as until more is known
to hold in abeyance or defer action on (a sentence, etc.)
to hang by a support from above so as to allow free movement
to hold or keep (dust in the air, particles in a liquid, etc.) in suspension
6.  Rare
to keep in suspense, wonder, etc.
7.  Music
to continue (a note) into the following chord
verb intransitive
to stop temporarily
to withhold payment of debts or obligations, as through inability to pay

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see synonyms of suspended
v. sus·pend·ed, sus·pend·ing, sus·pends
1. To bar for a period from a privilege, office, or position, usually as a punishment: suspend a student from school.
2. To cause to stop for a period; interrupt: suspended the trial.
a. To hold in abeyance; defer: suspend judgment. See Synonyms at defer1.
b. To render temporarily ineffective: suspend a jail sentence; suspend all parking regulations.
4. Music To hold or prolong (a note or notes) in suspension.
a. To hang so as to allow free movement: suspended the mobile from the ceiling.
b. To support or keep from falling without apparent attachment, as by buoyancy: The manatee is suspended in the water.
c. Chemistry To disperse or put (particles, for example) in suspension.
1. To cease for a period; delay.
2. To fail to make payments or meet obligations.

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