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1. slantingly, slopingly

with a slant

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of slopingly
to lie or cause to lie at a slanting or oblique angle
2. (intransitive)
(esp of natural features) to follow an inclined course
many paths sloped down the hillside
3. (intr; foll by off, away, etc)
to go furtively
4. (transitive) military
(formerly) to hold (a rifle) in the slope position (esp in the command slope arms)
an inclined portion of ground
6. (plural)
hills or foothills
any inclined surface or line
the degree or amount of such inclination
9. mathematics
(of a line) the tangent of the angle between the line and another line parallel to the x-axis
the first derivative of the equation of a curve at a given point
(formerly) the position adopted for British military drill when the rifle is rested on the shoulder
11. US offensive, slang
a person from Southeast Asia, esp a Vietnamese

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see synonyms of slopingly
a piece of ground that is not flat or level; rising or falling ground
any inclined line, surface, position, etc.; slant
deviation from the horizontal or vertical
the amount or degree of this
4.  Slang
a native of East Asia, often, specif., of Vietnam
a vulgar term of hostility and contempt
5.  US
the land area that drains into a given ocean
6.  Ancient Mathematics
the trigonometric tangent of the positive angle formed between a given straight line and the x-axis of a pair of Cartesian coordinates
the slope of the tangent line to a given curve at a designated point
verb intransitiveWord forms: sloped or ˈsloping
to have an upward or downward inclination; take an oblique direction; incline; slant
8.  Chiefly British, Informal
to go or move (off, away, etc.), esp. in a leisurely or furtive way
verb transitive
to cause to slope
10.  OLD-FASHIONED, Poetic
that slopes; slanting; inclined

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see synonyms of slopingly
v. sloped, slop·ing, slopes
1. To diverge from the vertical or horizontal; incline: a roof that slopes. See Synonyms at slant.
2. To move or walk: "Without another word he turned and sloped off down the driveway" (Roald Dahl).
To cause to slope: sloped the path down the bank.
1. An inclined line, surface, plane, position, or direction.
2. A stretch of ground forming a natural or artificial incline: ski slopes.
a. A deviation from the horizontal.
b. The amount or degree of such deviation.
4. Mathematics
a. The rate at which an ordinate of a point of a line on a coordinate plane changes with respect to a change in the abscissa.
b. The tangent of the angle of inclination of a line, or the slope of the tangent line for a curve or surface.
5. Offensive Slang Used as a disparaging term for a person of East Asian birth or ancestry.

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