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1. recovery

return to an original state

Example Sentences:
'the recovery of the forest after the fire was surprisingly rapid'

2. convalescence, recovery, recuperation

gradual healing (through rest) after sickness or injury

3. recovery, retrieval

the act of regaining or saving something lost (or in danger of becoming lost)

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of recovery
noun plural -eries
the act or process of recovering, esp from sickness, a shock, or a setback; recuperation
restoration to a former or better condition
the regaining of something lost
the extraction of useful substances from waste
the recovery of a space capsule after a space flight
6. law
the obtaining of a right, etc, by the judgment of a court
(in the US) the final judgment or verdict in a case
7. fencing
a return to the position of guard after making an attack
8. swimming, rowing
the action of bringing the arm, oar, etc, forward for another stroke
9. golf
a stroke played from the rough or a bunker to the fairway or green

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see synonyms of recovery
nounWord forms: plural reˈcoveries
the act or an instance of recovering
; specif.,
a regaining of something lost or stolen
a return to health, consciousness, etc.
a regaining of balance, control, composure, etc.
a retrieval of a capsule, nose cone, etc. after a spaceflight or launch
the removal of valuable substances from waste material, byproducts, etc.
2.  Sport
a return to a position of guard, readiness, etc., as after a lunge in fencing or a stroke in rowing
a process of attempting to change dysfunctional behavior, as by abstaining from an addictive substance
an alcoholic in recovery

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see synonyms of recovery
n. pl. re·cov·er·ies
1. The act, process, duration, or an instance of recovering.
2. A return to a normal or healthy condition.
3. The act of obtaining usable substances from unusable sources.

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