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1. reciter

someone who recites from memory

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of reciter
to repeat (a poem, passage, etc) aloud from memory before an audience, teacher, etc
2. (transitive)
to give a detailed account of
3. (transitive)
to enumerate (examples, etc)

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see synonyms of reciter
verb transitiveWord forms: reˈcited or reˈciting
to repeat or say aloud from or as from memory, esp. in a formal way; give a recitation on (a lesson) in class or of (a poem, speech, etc.) before an audience
to tell in detail; give an account of; narrate; relate
to enumerate
verb intransitive
to repeat or say aloud something memorized
5.  US
to recite a lesson or part of a lesson in a class

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see synonyms of reciter
v. re·cit·ed, re·cit·ing, re·cites
1. To repeat or utter aloud (something memorized or rehearsed), often before an audience: recite a prayer; recite a poem.
2. To relate in detail: recited to me his tale of woe. See Synonyms at describe.
3. To list or enumerate: The affidavit recites facts about the incident.
1. To deliver a recitation.
2. To repeat lessons prepared or memorized.

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