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Define Rationalize in English

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Meaning of Rationalize in English

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Rationalize pronunciation in English

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1. apologise, apologize, excuse, justify, rationalise, rationalize

defend, explain, clear away, or make excuses for by reasoning

Example Sentences:
'rationalize the child's seemingly crazy behavior'
'he rationalized his lack of success'

2. cut, prune, rationalise, rationalize

weed out unwanted or unnecessary things

Example Sentences:
'We had to lose weight, so we cut the sugar from our diet'

3. rationalise, rationalize

structure and run according to rational or scientific principles in order to achieve desired results

Example Sentences:
'We rationalized the factory's production and raised profits'

4. rationalise, rationalize

think rationally; employ logic or reason

Example Sentences:
'When one wonders why one is doing certain things, one should rationalize'

5. rationalise, rationalize

remove irrational quantities from

Example Sentences:
'This function can be rationalized'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of rationalize
to justify (one's actions, esp discreditable actions, or beliefs) with plausible reasons, esp after the event
2. psychology
to indulge, often unchallenged, in excuses for or explanations of (behaviour about which one feels uncomfortable or guilty)
to apply logic or reason to (something)
to eliminate unnecessary equipment, personnel, or processes from (a group of businesses, factory, etc), in order to make it more efficient
5. (transitive) mathematics
to eliminate one or more radicals without changing the value of (an expression) or the roots of (an equation)

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see synonyms of rationalize
verb transitiveWord forms: ˈrationalˌized or ˈrationalˌizing
to make rational; make conform to reason
to explain or interpret on rational grounds
3.  Chiefly British
to apply modern methods of efficiency to (an industry, agriculture, etc.)
4.  Ancient Mathematics
to remove the radical signs from (an expression) without changing the value
5.  Psychology
to devise superficially rational, or plausible, explanations or excuses for (one's acts, beliefs, desires, etc.), usually without being aware that these are not the real motives
verb intransitive
to think in a rational or rationalistic manner
to rationalize one's acts, beliefs, etc.

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see synonyms of rationalize
v. ra·tion·al·ized, ra·tion·al·iz·ing, ra·tion·al·iz·es
v. tr.
1. To explain rationally: “Philosophy ... is essentially the endeavor of the human mind to rationalize the universe” (Francis E. Abbot).
a. To attempt to justify (one's behavior) by providing reasons that obscure one's actual motives: rationalized cheating on his taxes as being a form of political protest.
b. To dismiss or minimize the significance of (something) by means of an explanation or excuse: “He could not rationalize the loss of some thirty thousand American lives in an unsuccessful war” (Robert Dallek).
a. To make (a business or process, for example) more efficient, as by reducing costs or introducing modern methods.
b. To terminate the employment of (workers) in an effort to improve efficiency.
4. Mathematics To remove radicals, such as from a denominator, without changing the value of (an expression) or roots of (an equation).
v. intr.
1. To think in a rational or rationalistic way.
2. To rationalize one's behavior.

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