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1. rasp, rasping

uttering in an irritated tone


2. grating, gravelly, rasping, raspy, rough, scratchy

unpleasantly harsh or grating in sound

Example Sentences:
'a gravelly voice'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of rasping
(esp of a noise) harsh or grating; rough

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see synonyms of rasping
1. A coarse file with sharp, pointed projections.
2. The act of filing with a rasp.
3. A harsh grating sound.
v. rasped, rasp·ing, rasps
1. To file or scrape with a rasp.
2. To utter in a grating voice.
3. To grate on (nerves or feelings).
1. To scrape harshly; grate.
2. To make a harsh, grating sound.

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