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1. grunter, hog, pig, squealer, sus scrofa

domestic swine

2. pig, slob, sloven, slovenly person

a coarse obnoxious person

3. hog, pig

a person regarded as greedy and pig-like

4. bull, cop, copper, fuzz, pig

uncomplimentary terms for a policeman

5. pig, pig bed

mold consisting of a bed of sand in which pig iron is cast

6. pig

a crude block of metal (lead or iron) poured from a smelting furnace


7. pig, pig it

live like a pig, in squalor

8. devour, guttle, pig, raven

eat greedily

Example Sentences:
'he devoured three sandwiches'

9. farrow, pig

give birth

Example Sentences:
'sows farrow'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of pig
any artiodactyl mammal of the African and Eurasian family Suidae, esp Sus scrofa (domestic pig), typically having a long head with a movable snout, a thick bristle-covered skin, and, in wild species, long curved tusks
a domesticated pig weighing more than 120 pounds (54 kg)
▶ Related adjective: porcine
3. informal
a dirty, greedy, or bad-mannered person
the meat of swine; pork
5. derogatory a slang word for policeman
a mass of metal, such as iron, copper, or lead, cast into a simple shape for ease of storing or transportation
a mould in which such a mass of metal is formed
7. British informal
something that is difficult or unpleasant
an automated device propelled through a duct or pipeline to clear impediments or check for faults, leaks, etc
9.  a pig in a poke
10.  make a pig of oneself
11.  on the pig's back
verbWord forms: pigs, pigging or pigged
12. (intransitive)
(of a sow) to give birth
13. Also: pig it (intransitive) informal
to live in squalor
14. (transitive) informal
to devour (food) greedily

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see synonyms of pig
nounWord forms: plural pigs or pig
any swine, esp. the unweaned young of the thick-bodied domesticated species (Sus scrofa)
see also hog (sense 1)
meat from a pig; pork
a person regarded as acting or looking like a pig; greedy or filthy person
an oblong casting of iron or other metal poured from the smelting furnace
any of the molds in which these are cast
pig iron
5.  Slang
a.  US
a slatternly or sluttish woman
a rude or arrogant person
a police officer
a derogatory term
verb intransitiveWord forms: pigged or ˈpigging
to bear pigs
to live in filth, like a pig
usually with it

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see synonyms of pig
a. Any of various mammals of the family Suidae, having short legs, hooves with two weight-bearing toes, bristly hair, and a cartilaginous snout used for digging, including the domesticated hog (Sus scrofa subsp. domestica syn. S. domesticus) and wild species such as the bushpig.
b. A domesticated hog, especially when weighing less than 54 kilograms (120 pounds).
c. The edible parts of one of these mammals.
a. Informal A person regarded as being piglike, greedy, or disgusting.
b. Derogatory Slang A police officer.
c. Slang A member of the social or political establishment, especially one holding sexist or racist views.
a. A crude block of metal, chiefly iron or lead, poured from a smelting furnace.
b. A mold in which such metal is cast.
c. Pig iron.
intr.v. pigged, pig·ging, pigs
To give birth to pigs; farrow.

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