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Piece Of Ass

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WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.

Piece Of Ass

see synonyms of piece of ass
an amount or portion forming a separate mass or structure; bit
a piece of wood
a small part, item, or amount forming part of a whole, esp when broken off or separated
a piece of bread
a length by which a commodity is sold, esp cloth, wallpaper, etc
an instance or occurrence
a piece of luck
5. slang
a girl or woman regarded as an object of sexual attraction
a nice piece
an example or specimen of a style or type, such as an article of furniture
a beautiful piece of Dresden china
7. informal
an opinion or point of view
to state one's piece
a literary, musical, or artistic composition
a coin having a value as specified
fifty-pence piece
a small object, often individually shaped and designed, used in playing certain games, esp board games
chess pieces
a firearm or cannon
(in combination)
any chessman other than a pawn
13. US and Canadian
a short time or distance
down the road a piece
14. Scottish and English dialect
a slice of bread or a sandwich
a packed lunch taken to work, school, etc
15. (usually plural) Australian and New Zealand
fragments of fleece wool
See also oddment (sense 2)
16.  give someone a piece of one's mind
17.  go to pieces
18.  nasty piece of work
19.  of a piece
20.  piece of cake
verb (transitive)
21. (often foll by together)
to fit or assemble piece by piece
22. (often foll by up)
to patch or make up (a garment) by adding pieces
23. textiles
to join (broken threads) during spinning

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Piece Of Ass

see synonyms of piece of ass
a part or fragment broken or separated from the whole
a section, division, or quantity regarded as complete in itself and distinct from the whole of which it is a part
any single thing, amount, specimen, example, etc.
; specif.,
an artistic work or composition, as of music, writing, painting, drama, etc.
an article in a magazine, newspaper, etc.
an action or its result
a piece of nonsense, business, etc.
a small firearm, as a pistol or rifle
a coin or token
a fifty-cent piece
one of a set or class, as of silver, china, furniture, etc.
a counter or man, as used in various games; specif., in chess, a chessman other than a pawn
the quantity or size, as of cloth or wallpaper, that is manufactured as a unit
an amount or unit of work constituting a single job
6.  Chiefly Dialectal
an indefinite distance or duration; often, specif., a rather short one
7.  Chiefly Dialectal
a person; individual
8.  US, Slang
a financial interest; share
9.  Slang
a woman regarded as a sexual partner
an instance of sexual intercourse
; often regarded as vulgar also ; Slang piece of ass
verb transitiveWord forms: pieced or ˈpiecing
to add a piece or pieces to, as in repairing or enlarging
to piece a pair of trousers
to join or unite
verb intransitive
12.  Informal, Dialectal
to eat a snack between meals

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Piece Of Ass

see synonyms of piece of ass
1. A thing considered as a unit or an element of a larger thing, quantity, or class; a portion: a piece of string.
2. A portion or part that has been separated from a whole: a piece of pie.
3. An object that is one member of a group or class: a piece of furniture.
4. An artistic, musical, or literary work or composition: "They are lively and well-plotted pieces, both in prose" (Tucker Brooke).
5. An instance; a specimen: a piece of sheer folly.
6. What one has to say about something; an opinion: speak one's piece.
7. A coin: a ten-cent piece.
8. Games
a. One of the counters or figures used in playing various board games.
b. Any one of the chess figures other than a pawn.
9. Slang A firearm, especially a rifle.
10. Informal A given distance: "There was farm country down the road on the right a piece" (James Agee).
tr.v. pieced, piec·ing, piec·es
1. To mend by adding pieces or a piece to: piece a dress.
2. To join or unite the pieces of: He pieced together the vase. She pieced together an account of what had gone on during the stormy meeting.

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