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Meaning of Pick Up in English

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Pick Up pronunciation in English

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Pick Up

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1. gather up, lift up, pick up

take and lift upward

2. pick up

take up by hand

Example Sentences:
'He picked up the book and started to read'

3. pick up

give a passenger or a hitchhiker a lift

Example Sentences:
'We picked up a hitchhiker on the highway'

4. call for, collect, gather up, pick up

gather or collect

Example Sentences:
'You can get the results on Monday'
'She picked up the children at the day care center'
'They pick up our trash twice a week'

5. discover, find out, get a line, get wind, get word, hear, learn, pick up, see

get to know or become aware of, usually accidentally

Example Sentences:
'I learned that she has two grown-up children'
'I see that you have been promoted'

6. pick up

get in addition, as an increase

Example Sentences:
'The candidate picked up thousands of votes after his visit to the nursing home'

7. apprehend, arrest, collar, cop, nab, nail, pick up

take into custody

Example Sentences:
'the police nabbed the suspected criminals'

8. pick up

buy casually or spontaneously

Example Sentences:
'I picked up some food for a snack'

9. pick up, receive

register (perceptual input)

Example Sentences:
'pick up a signal'

10. pick up

lift out or reflect from a background

Example Sentences:
'The scarf picks up the color of the skirt'
'His eyes picked up his smile'

11. pick up

meet someone for sexual purposes

Example Sentences:
'he always tries to pick up girls in bars'

12. elate, intoxicate, lift up, pick up, uplift

fill with high spirits; fill with optimism

Example Sentences:
'Music can uplift your spirits'

13. pick up, turn around

improve significantly; go from bad to good

Example Sentences:
'Her performance in school picked up'

14. catch, pick up

perceive with the senses quickly, suddenly, or momentarily

Example Sentences:
'I caught the aroma of coffee'
'He caught the allusion in her glance'
'ears open to catch every sound'
'The dog picked up the scent'
'Catch a glimpse'

15. peck, pick up

eat by pecking at, like a bird

16. gain vigor, percolate, perk, perk up, pick up

gain or regain energy

Example Sentences:
'I picked up after a nap'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.

Pick Up

see synonyms of pick up
1. Also called: pick-up arm, tone arm
the light balanced arm of a record player that carries the wires from the cartridge to the preamplifier
an electromagnetic transducer that converts the vibrations of the steel strings of an electric guitar or other amplified instrument into electric signals
3.  another name for cartridge (sense 3)
4. Also called: pick-up truck
a small truck with an open body and low sides, used for light deliveries
5. informal, mainly US
an ability to accelerate rapidly
this car has good pick-up
6. informal
a casual acquaintance, usually one made with sexual intentions
7. informal
a stop to collect passengers, goods, etc
the people or things collected
8. slang
a free ride in a motor vehicle
9. informal
an improvement
10. slang
a pick-me-up
11. US and Canadian
organized, arranged, or assembled hastily and without planning
a pick-up band
pick-up games
verb pick up (adverb)
12. (transitive)
to gather up in the hand or hands
13. (transitive)
to acquire, obtain, or purchase casually, incidentally, etc
14. (transitive)
to catch (a disease)
she picked up a bad cold during the weekend
15. (intransitive)
to improve in health, condition, activity, etc
the market began to pick up
16. (reflexive)
to raise (oneself) after a fall or setback
17. (transitive)
to notice or sense
she picked up a change in his attitude
to resume where one left off; return to
we'll pick up after lunch
they picked up the discussion
19. (transitive)
to learn gradually or as one goes along
20. (transitive)
to take responsibility for paying (a bill)
he picked up the bill for dinner
21. (transitive) informal
to reprimand
he picked her up on her table manners
22. (transitive)
to collect or give a lift to (passengers, hitchhikers, goods, etc)
23. (transitive) informal
to become acquainted with, esp with a view to having sexual relations
24. (transitive) informal
to arrest
to increase (speed)
the cars picked up down the straight
26. (transitive)
to receive (electrical signals, a radio signal, sounds, etc), as for transmission or amplification
27.  pick up the pieces

Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers

Pick Up

see synonyms of pick up
to grasp and raise or lift; take up
to get, gain, find, or learn, esp. by chance or in a casual manner
to stop for and take or bring along
to take into custody; arrest
to accelerate; gain (speed)
to regain (health, power, efficiency, etc.); improve
to resume (an activity) after a pause
to see, hear, discern, etc.
to receive or be in range to receive (a radio or TV transmission, esp. a distant or weak one)
to find and travel along (a route or trail)
to find and follow
the dog picked up the scent
10.  US
to make neat; tidy up
to take (a bill) with the intention of paying it
12.  Informal
to become acquainted with casually or informally, often with hope of sexual activity

Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition. Copyright © 2010 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. All rights reserved.

Pick Up

see synonyms of pick up
a. The act or process of picking up: the pickup and delivery of farm produce.
b. Sports The act of striking or fielding a ball after it has touched the ground: a good pickup and throw from third base.
c. Capacity for acceleration: a sports car with good pickup.
d. Informal An improvement in condition or activity: a pickup in sales.
e. Slang An arrest by a law enforcement officer.
2. One that is picked up, especially:
a. Passengers or freight: Taxi drivers expect good tips from airport pickups.
b. Informal A hitchhiker.
c. Slang A stranger with whom casual acquaintance is made, usually in anticipation of sexual relations.
3. Accounting A balance brought forward.
4. Previous journalistic copy to which succeeding copy is added.
5. Music See upbeat.
6. One that picks up, especially:
a. A pickup truck.
b. The rotary rake on a piece of machinery, such as a harvester, that picks up windrowed hay or straw.
7. Electronics
a. A transducer that converts vibrations, as of a phonograph needle or guitar string, into electrical impulses for subsequent conversion into sound.
b. The tone arm of a record player.
a. The reception of light or sound waves for conversion to electrical impulses.
b. The apparatus used for such reception.
c. A telecast originating outside a studio.
d. The apparatus for transmitting a broadcast from an outside place to the broadcasting station.
Being, relating to, or involving a group of people assembled informally for a temporary purpose: a pickup orchestra; a pickup baseball game.

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