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1. phylum

(linguistics) a large group of languages that are historically related

2. phylum

(biology) the major taxonomic group of animals and plants; contains classes

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


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noun plural -la (-lə)
a major taxonomic division of living organisms that contain one or more classes. An example is the phylum Arthropoda (insects, crustaceans, arachnids, etc, and myriapods)
any analogous group, such as a group of related language families or linguistic stocks

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nounWord forms: plural ˈphyla (ˈfaɪlə ; fīˈlə)
a major category in the classification of living organisms, esp. animals, ranking above a class and below a kingdom: it can include one class or many similar classes: the Latinized phylum names are capitalized but not italicized (Ex.: Arthropoda, arthropods)
see also division (sense 7)
a language stock
b.  Loosely
a language family

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see synonyms of phylum
n. pl. phy·la (-lə)
1. Biology A taxonomic category of organisms ranking below a kingdom and above a class. In the classification of plants, division often replaces phylum.
2. Linguistics A large division of possibly genetically related families of languages or linguistic stocks.

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