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1. duke of edinburgh, philip, prince philip

Englishman and husband of Elizabeth II (born 1921)

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1. New Testament
one of the twelve apostles of Jesus
b. Also: Philip the Evangelist
one of the seven deacons appointed by the early Church
c. Also: Philip the Tetrarch
one of the sons of Herod the Great, who was ruler of part of former Judaea (4 bc–34 ad) (Luke 3:1)
King, Native American name Metacomet. died 1676, Native American chief, the son of Massasoit. He waged King Philip's War against the colonists of New England (1675–76) and was killed in battle
3.  Prince. another name for the (Duke of) Edinburgh

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a masculine name: dim. Phil; var. Phillip; equiv. L. Philippus, Fr. Philippe, Ger. Philipp, It. Filippo, Sp. Felipe; fem. Philippa
one of the twelve Apostles: his day is May 1
: also Saint Philip
(Wampanoag Indian name Metacomet) died 1676; chief of the Wampanoag Indians (1662-76): led a war against New England colonists: son of Massasoit
called King Philip
Prince1921- ; Duke of Edinburgh, born in Greece: husband of Elizabeth II of England
Saint(1st cent. a.d.); a deacon of the early Christian church: his day is June 6
Philip II382-336 b.c.; king of Macedonia (359-336): father of Alexander the Great
Philip II1165-1223; king of France (1180-1223)
: also called Philip Augustus
Philip II1527-98; king of Spain (1556-98) & (as Philip I) of Portugal (1580-98): sent Armada against England (1588)
Philip IV1268-1314; king of France (1285-1314): moved the papacy to Avignon (1309)
called the Fair
Philip V1683-1746; 1st Bourbon king of Spain (1700-46)

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see synonyms of philip
Husband of Elizabeth II of Great Britain. The great-great-grandson of Victoria, he was given the title Prince in 1957.
One of the 12 Apostles. In the New Testament, he is a witness to Jesus's miraculous feeding of the multitudes.

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