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1. phenomenon

any state or process known through the senses rather than by intuition or reasoning

2. phenomenon

a remarkable development

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see synonyms of phenomenon
noun plural -ena (-ɪnə) or -enons
anything that can be perceived as an occurrence or fact by the senses
any remarkable occurrence or person
3. philosophy
the object of perception, experience, etc
(in the writings of Kant) a thing as it appears and is interpreted in perception and reflection, as distinguished from its real nature as a thing-in-itself
Compare noumenon

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see synonyms of phenomenon
nounWord forms: plural pheˈnomena (fəˈnɑmənə ; fənämˈənə) or pheˈnomeˌnons
any event, circumstance, or experience that is apparent to the senses and that can be scientifically described or appraised, as an eclipse
in Kantian philosophy, a thing as it appears in perception as distinguished from the thing as it is in itself independent of sense experience
see also noumenon
any extremely unusual or extraordinary thing or occurrence
4.  Informal
a person with an extraordinary quality, aptitude, etc.; prodigy

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see synonyms of phenomenon
n. pl. phe·nom·e·na (-nə)
1. An occurrence, circumstance, or fact that is perceptible by the senses.
2. pl. phe·nom·e·nons
a. An unusual, significant, or unaccountable fact or occurrence; a marvel.
b. A remarkable or outstanding person; a paragon. See Synonyms at wonder.
3. Philosophy In the philosophy of Kant, an object as it is perceived by the senses, as opposed to a noumenon.
4. Physics An observable event.

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