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Meaning of Mixing in English

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Mixing pronunciation in English

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1. admixture, commixture, intermixture, mix, mixing, mixture

the act of mixing together

Example Sentences:
'paste made by a mix of flour and water'
'the mixing of sound channels in the recording studio'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


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the act or an instance of mixing something or someone together
2. (in sound recording)
the balancing and adjusting of the recorded tracks on a multitrack tape machine
(as modifier)
mixing equipment

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see synonyms of mixing
v. mixed, mix·ing, mix·es
v. tr.
a. To combine or blend into one mass or mixture: Mix the dry ingredients first.
b. To create or form by combining ingredients: mix a drink; mix cement.
c. To add (an ingredient or element) to another: mix an egg into batter.
2. To combine or join: mix joy with sorrow.
3. To bring into social contact: mix boys and girls in the classroom.
4. To produce (an organism) by crossbreeding.
a. To combine (two or more audio tracks or channels) to produce a composite audio recording.
b. To produce (a soundtrack or recording) in this manner.
v. intr.
a. To become combined or blended together: Stir until the eggs mix with the flour.
b. To be capable of being blended together: Oil does not mix with water.
2. To associate socially or get along with others: He does not mix well at parties.
3. To mate so as to produce a hybrid; crossbreed.
4. To become involved: In the case of a family argument, a friend should not mix in.
a. A combination of diverse elements: The downtown has a good mix of stores and restaurants.
b. A mixture of ingredients packaged and sold commercially: a cake mix.
c. A recording that is produced by combining and adjusting two or more audio tracks or channels.
2. An animal resulting from interbreeding, especially a dog or cat of mixed breed.

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