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1. amalgamation, merger, uniting

the combination of two or more commercial companies

2. fusion, merger, unification

an occurrence that involves the production of a union

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


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1. business
the combination of two or more companies, either by the creation of a new organization or by absorption by one of the others
. Often called (Brit): amalgamation
2. law
the extinguishment of an estate, interest, contract, right, offence, etc, by its absorption into a greater one
the act of merging or the state of being merged

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a merging
; specif.,
a.  US
a combining of two or more companies, corporations, etc. into one, as by issuing stock of the controlling corporation to replace the greater part of that of the other or others
the absorption of one estate, interest, obligation, contract, etc. in another, or of a lesser offense in a greater

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see synonyms of merger
1. The act or an instance of merging: a merger of technique and creativity.
2. An absorption of one corporation by another, with the corporation being absorbed losing its separate identity and governance.
3. Law An absorption of a lesser estate, contract, criminal offense, right, or liability into a succeeding larger one, resulting in the extinction of the former.

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