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1. maximising, maximizing

making as great as possible

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


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1. (transitive)
to make as high or great as possible; increase to a maximum
2. mathematics
to find the maximum of (a function)

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verb transitiveWord forms: ˈmaxiˌmized or ˈmaxiˌmizing
to increase to the maximum; raise to the highest possible degree; enlarge, intensify, etc. as much as possible
to estimate or make appear to be of the greatest possible amount, value, or importance

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see synonyms of maximizing
tr.v. max·i·mized, max·i·miz·ing, max·i·miz·es
1. To increase or make as great or large as possible: "the ideal of maximizing opportunity through the equalizing of educational opportunity" (Robert J. Havighurst).
2. Mathematics To find the largest value of (a function).

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