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1. grow, maturate, mature

develop and reach maturity; undergo maturation

Example Sentences:
'He matured fast'
'The child grew fast'

2. mature

develop and work out fully in one's mind

Example Sentences:
'I need to mature my thoughts'

3. mature

become due for repayment

Example Sentences:
'These bonds mature in 2005'

4. mature, ripen

cause to ripen or develop fully

Example Sentences:
'The sun ripens the fruit'
'Age matures a good wine'

5. age, get on, maturate, mature, senesce

grow old or older

Example Sentences:
'She aged gracefully'
'we age every day--what a depressing thought!'
'Young men senesce'

6. mature, suppurate

cause to ripen and discharge pus

Example Sentences:
'The oil suppurates the pustules'


7. mature

characteristic of maturity

Example Sentences:
'mature for her age'

8. mature, matured

fully considered and perfected

Example Sentences:
'mature plans'

9. mature

having reached full natural growth or development

Example Sentences:
'a mature cell'

10. mature, ripe

fully developed or matured and ready to be eaten or used

Example Sentences:
'ripe peaches'
'full-bodied mature wines'

11. fledged, mature

(of birds) having developed feathers or plumage; often used in combination

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of mature
relatively advanced physically, mentally, emotionally, etc; grown-up
(of plans, theories, etc) fully considered; perfected
due or payable
a mature debenture
4. biology
fully developed or differentiated
a mature cell
fully grown; adult
a mature animal
(of fruit, wine, cheese, etc) ripe or fully aged
(of a river valley or land surface) in the middle stage of the cycle of erosion, characterized by meanders, maximum relief, etc
See also youthful (sense 4), old (sense 18)
to make or become mature
8. (intransitive)
(of notes, bonds, etc) to become due for payment or repayment

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see synonyms of mature
full-grown, as plants or animals
ripe, as fruits
fully developed, as a person, a mind, etc.
fully or highly developed, perfected, worked out, considered, etc.
a mature scheme
of a state of full development
a person of mature age
due; payable
said of a note, bond, etc.
5.  Geology
having reached maximum development of topographical form due to erosion, weathering, etc.
said as of a coastline that is relatively stable
verb transitiveWord forms: maˈtured or maˈturing
to bring to full growth or development, or to ripeness
to develop or work out fully
verb intransitive
to become fully grown, developed, or ripe
to become due
said of a note, etc.

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see synonyms of mature
adj. ma·tur·er, ma·tur·est
a. Having reached full natural growth or development: a mature cell.
b. Having reached a desired or final condition; ripe: a mature cheese.
2. Having or showing characteristics, such as patience and prudence, considered typical of well-balanced adulthood: mature for her age.
a. Suitable or intended for adults: mature subject matter.
b. Composed of adults: a mature audience.
4. Worked out fully by the mind; considered: a mature plan of action.
5. Having reached the limit of its time; due: a mature bond.
6. No longer subject to great expansion or development. Used of an industry, market, or product.
7. Geology Having reached maximum development of form. Used of streams and landforms.
v. ma·tured, ma·tur·ing, ma·tures
1. To bring to full development; ripen.
2. To work out fully in the mind: "able to digest and mature my thoughts for my own mind only" (John Stuart Mill).
1. To evolve toward or reach full development: The child's judgment matures as she grows older.
2. To become due. Used of notes and bonds.

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