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1. glide, gliding, sailing, sailplaning, soaring

the activity of flying a glider

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see synonyms of gliding
the sport of flying in a glider

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see synonyms of gliding
v. glid·ed, glid·ing, glides
1. To move in a smooth, effortless manner: a submarine gliding through the water. See Synonyms at slide.
2. To move silently and furtively: The thief glided across the room.
3. To occur or pass imperceptibly: The autumn days glided by.
4. To fly without propulsion from wings or an engine.
5. Music To blend one tone into the next; slur.
6. Linguistics To articulate a glide in speech.
1. To cause to move or pass smoothly, silently, or imperceptibly: glided the key into the lock.
2. To operate or fly (an aircraft) without propulsion from wings or an engine: She glided the paraglider over the trees.
1. The act of gliding.
2. Music A slur.
3. Linguistics
a. The transitional sound produced by passing from the articulatory position of one speech sound to that of another.
b. See semivowel.

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