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Foul Line

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1. foul line

a line from which basketball players take penalty shots

2. foul line

a line across a bowling alley that a bowler must not cross

3. foul line

lines through 1st and 3rd base indicating the boundaries of a baseball field

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.

Foul Line

see synonyms of foul line
1.  Baseball
either of the lines extending from home plate through the outside corners of first base or third base and onward to the end of the outfield
2.  Basketball
a free-throw line
see also free throw
3.  Tennis and Bowling Etc
any of various lines bounding the playing area, outside of which the ball must not be hit, the player must not go, etc.

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Foul Line

see synonyms of foul line
1. Baseball Either of two straight lines extending from the rear of home plate to the outer edge of the playing field and indicating the area in which a fair ball can be hit.
2. Basketball A line 15 feet in front of each backboard from which players shoot foul shots. Also called free-throw line.
3. Sports A boundary limiting the permissible movements of a player, as on a bowling alley or in a field event.

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