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1. data format, data formatting, format, formatting

the organization of information according to preset specifications (usually for computer processing)

2. format

the general appearance of a publication


3. arrange, format

set (printed matter) into a specific format

Example Sentences:
'Format this letter so it can be printed out'

4. format

determine the arrangement of (data) for storage and display (in computer science)

5. format, initialise, initialize

divide (a disk) into marked sectors so that it may store data

Example Sentences:
'Please format this disk before entering data!'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of format
the general appearance of a publication, including type style, paper, binding, etc
an approximate indication of the size of a publication as determined by the number of times the original sheet of paper is folded to make a leaf
See also duodecimo, quarto
style, plan, or arrangement, as of a television programme
4. computing
the defined arrangement of data encoded in a file or for example on magnetic disk or CD-ROM, essential for the correct recording and recovery of data on different devices
the arrangement of text on printed output or a display screen, or a coded description of such an arrangement
verb -mats, -matting or -matted (transitive)
to arrange (a book, page, etc) into a specified format

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see synonyms of format
the shape, size, binding, typeface, paper, and general makeup or arrangement of a book, magazine, etc.
general arrangement or plan, as of a television program
a specific arrangement in accordance with which computer data is processed, stored, printed, etc.
a particular audio or video recording and playback system, as VHS
verb transitiveWord forms: ˈforˌmatted or ˈforˌmatting
to arrange according to a format

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see synonyms of format
1. A plan for the organization and arrangement of a specified production.
2. The material form or layout of a publication.
3. Computers
a. The arrangement of data for storage or display.
b. A method for achieving such an arrangement.
tr.v. for·mat·ted, for·mat·ting, for·mats
1. To plan or arrange in a specified form: They formatted the conference so that each speaker had less than 15 minutes to deliver a paper.
2. Computers
a. To divide (a disk) into marked sectors to allow for the storage of data.
b. To determine the arrangement of (data) for storage or display.

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