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1. forest, wood, woods

the trees and other plants in a large densely wooded area

2. forest, timber, timberland, woodland

land that is covered with trees and shrubs


3. afforest, forest

establish a forest on previously unforested land

Example Sentences:
'afforest the mountains'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of forest
a large wooded area having a thick growth of trees and plants
the trees of such an area
3. New Zealand
an area planted with exotic pines or similar trees
Compare bush1 (sense 4)
something resembling a large wooded area, esp in density
a forest of telegraph poles
5. law
(formerly) an area of woodland, esp one owned by the sovereign and set apart as a hunting ground with its own laws and officers
Compare park (sense 5)
6. (modifier)
of, involving, or living in a forest or forests
a forest glade
7. (transitive)
to create a forest (in); plant with trees

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see synonyms of forest
a thick growth of trees and underbrush covering an extensive tract of land; large woods
often used figuratively
2.  Obsolete, British
any of certain tracts of woodland or wasteland, usually the property of the sovereign, preserved for game
of or in a forest; sylvan
verb transitive
to plant with trees; change into a forest; afforest

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see synonyms of forest
1. A growth of trees and other plants covering a large area.
2. A large number of objects bearing a similarity to such a growth, especially a dense collection of tall objects: a forest of skyscrapers.
3. A defined area of land formerly set aside in England as a royal hunting ground.
tr.v. for·est·ed, for·est·ing, for·ests
To plant trees on or cover with trees.

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