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Define Forego in English

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Meaning of Forego in English

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Forego pronunciation in English

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1. antecede, antedate, forego, forgo, precede, predate

be earlier in time; go back further

Example Sentences:
'Stone tools precede bronze tools'

2. dispense with, forego, foreswear, forgo, relinquish, waive

do without or cease to hold or adhere to

Example Sentences:
'We are dispensing with formalities'
'relinquish the old ideas'

3. forego, forfeit, forgo, give up, throw overboard, waive

lose ( or lose the right to ( by some error, offense, or crime

Example Sentences:
'you've forfeited your right to name your successor'
'forfeited property'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of forego
verb -goes, -going, -went or -gone
to precede in time, place, etc
verb -goes, -going, -went or -gone
(transitive) a variant spelling of forgo

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see synonyms of forego
verb transitive, verb intransitiveWord forms: foreˈwent, foreˈgone, foreˈgoing
to go before in place, time, or degree; precede
verb transitive
alt. sp. of

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see synonyms of forego
tr.v. fore·went (-wĕnt), fore·gone (-gôn, -gŏn), fore·go·ing, fore·goes (-gōz)
To precede, as in time or place. See Usage Note at forgo.
Variant of forgo.
tr.v. for·went (-wĕnt), for·gone (-gôn, -gŏn), for·go·ing, for·goes
To abstain from; relinquish: unwilling to forgo dessert.

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