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1. foraminifera, order foraminifera


WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of foraminifera
any marine protozoan of the phylum Foraminifera, having a shell with numerous openings through which cytoplasmic processes protrude
. Often shortened to: foram See also globigerina, nummulite

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see synonyms of foraminifera
nounWord forms: plural foˌramiˈnifera (fəˌræməˈnɪfərə ; fəramˌənifˈərə)
any of an order (Foraminiferida) of marine protozoans with calcareous shells full of tiny holes through which slender filaments project: they form the main component of chalk and many deep-sea oozes
: also called foˌramiˈniferan (foʊˌræməˈnɪfərən ; fōramˌənifˈərən)

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