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Define Footwork in English

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Meaning of Footwork in English

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Footwork pronunciation in English

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1. footwork

the manner of using the feet

2. footwork

skillful maneuvering or dealing

Example Sentences:
'she needs some fancy footwork to cover all those lies'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of footwork
skilful use of the feet, as in sports, dancing, etc
2. informal
clever manoeuvring
deft political footwork
3. informal
preliminary groundwork
many estate agents now do the footwork – you only need to visit

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see synonyms of footwork
the act or manner of moving or using the feet, as in walking, boxing, dancing, etc.

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see synonyms of footwork
1. Sports The manner in which the feet are used or maneuvered, as in boxing or in figure skating.
2. Work that involves moving around on foot; legwork.
3. Informal Skillful dealing or maneuvering; tactics: "They've built a corporate empire on dazzling financial footwork" (Christopher Farrell).

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