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see synonyms of etch

1. etch

make an etching of

Example Sentences:
'He etched her image into the surface'

2. etch

cause to stand out or be clearly defined or visible

Example Sentences:
'a face etched with pain'
'the leafless branches etched against the sky'

3. engrave, etch

carve or cut into a block used for printing or print from such a block

Example Sentences:
'engrave a letter'

4. engrave, etch

carve or cut a design or letters into

Example Sentences:
'engrave the pen with the owner's name'

5. etch

selectively dissolve the surface of (a semiconductor or printed circuit) with a solvent, laser, or stream of electrons

Based on WordNet 3.0, Princeton University


see synonyms of etch
1. (transitive)
to wear away the surface of (a metal, glass, etc) by chemical action, esp the action of an acid
to cut or corrode (a design, decoration, etc) on (a metal or other plate to be used for printing) by using the action of acid on parts not covered by wax or other acid-resistant coating
3. (transitive)
to cut with or as if with a sharp implement
he etched his name on the table
4. (tr; usually passive)
to imprint vividly
the event was etched on her memory

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see synonyms of etch
verb transitive
to make (a drawing, design, etc.) on metal, glass, etc. by the action of an acid, esp. by coating the surface with wax and letting acid eat into the lines or areas laid bare with a special needle
to prepare (a metal plate, glass, etc.) in this way, for use in printing such drawings or designs
to depict or impress sharply and distinctly
verb intransitive
to make etchings

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see synonyms of etch
v. etched, etch·ing, etch·es
a. To cut into the surface of (glass, for example) by the action of acid, especially by coating the surface with wax or another protective layer and drawing lines with a needle and then using the acid to form the lines on the unprotected parts of the surface.
b. To make or create by this method: etch a design on glass.
a. To draw or write by cutting or scraping: etched his initials in the metal.
b. To cut or scrape something in or on: etched the metal with a knife.
3. To impress or delineate clearly: a landscape that is forever etched in my memory; trees that are etched against the sky.
To engage in etching.

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