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see synonyms of drier


1. desiccant, drier, drying agent, siccative

a substance that promotes drying (e.g., calcium oxide absorbs water and is used to remove moisture)

2. drier, dryer

an appliance that removes moisture

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see synonyms of drier
a comparative of dry
a variant spelling of dryer

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see synonyms of drier
a substance added to paint, varnish, etc. to make it dry fast
3.  compar. of

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see synonyms of drier
1. One that dries.
2. A substance added to paint, varnish, or ink to speed drying.
A comparative of dry.
adj. dri·er (drīər), dri·est (drīĭst) or dry·er or dry·est
1. Free from liquid or moisture: changed to dry clothes.
a. Having or characterized by little or no rain: a dry climate.
b. Marked by the absence of natural or normal moisture: a dry month.
a. Not under water: dry land.
b. Having all the water or liquid drained away, evaporated, or exhausted: a dry river.
a. No longer yielding liquid, especially milk: a dry cow.
b. Not producing a liquid substance that is normally produced: dry heaves.
c. Not shedding tears: dry sobs.
d. Needing moisture or drink: a dry mouth.
5. No longer wet: The paint is dry.
6. Of or relating to solid rather than liquid substances or commodities: dry weight.
7. Not sweet as a result of the decomposition of sugar during fermentation. Used of wines.
8. Having a large proportion of strong liquor to other ingredients: a dry martini.
9. Eaten or served without butter, gravy, or other garnish: dry toast; dry meat.
10. Having no adornment or coloration; plain: the dry facts.
11. Devoid of bias or personal concern: presented a dry critique.
a. Lacking tenderness, warmth, or involvement; severe: The actor gave a dry reading of the lines.
b. Matter-of-fact or indifferent in manner: rattled off the facts in a dry mechanical tone.
13. Wearisome; dull: a dry lecture filled with trivial details.
14. Humorous in an understated or unemotional way: dry wit.
15. Prohibiting or opposed to the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages: a dry county.
16. Unproductive of the expected results: a mind dry of new ideas.
17. Constructed without mortar or cement: dry masonry.
v. dried (drīd), dry·ing, dries (drīz)
1. To remove the moisture from; make dry: laundry dried by the sun.
2. To preserve (meat or other foods, for example) by extracting the moisture.
To become dry: The sheets dried quickly in the sun.
n. pl. drys
A prohibitionist.

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