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see synonyms of debar

1. debar, suspend

bar temporarily; from school, office, etc.

2. avert, avoid, debar, deflect, fend off, forefend, forfend, head off, obviate, stave off, ward off

prevent the occurrence of; prevent from happening

Example Sentences:
'Let's avoid a confrontation'
'head off a confrontation'
'avert a strike'

3. bar, debar, exclude

prevent from entering; keep out

Example Sentences:
'He was barred from membership in the club'

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see synonyms of debar
verb -bars, -barring or -barred
(transitive; usually foll by from)
to exclude from a place, a right, etc; bar

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see synonyms of debar
verb transitiveWord forms: deˈbarred or deˈbarring
to keep (a person) from some right or privilege; exclude; bar
to prevent, hinder, or prohibit

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see synonyms of debar
tr.v. de·barred, de·bar·ring, de·bars
1. To exclude or shut out; bar.
2. To forbid, hinder, or prevent.

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