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1. cured, healed, recovered

freed from illness or injury

Example Sentences:
'the patient appears cured'
'the incision is healed'
'appears to be entirely recovered'
'when the recovered patient tries to remember what occurred during his delirium'

2. cured, vulcanised, vulcanized

(used of rubber) treated by a chemical or physical process to improve its properties (hardness and strength and odor and elasticity)

3. cured

(used of concrete or mortar) kept moist to assist the hardening

4. cured

(used of hay e.g.) allowed to dry

5. corned, cured

(used especially of meat) cured in brine

6. aged, cured

(used of tobacco) aging as a preservative process (aged' is pronounced as one syllable)

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of cured
(of food) treated by salting, smoking, or drying in order to preserve it
cured meat/ham
cured tobacco

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see synonyms of cured
a. A drug or course of medical treatment used to restore health: discovered a new cure for ulcers.
b. Restoration of health; recovery from disease: the likelihood of cure.
c. Something that corrects or relieves a harmful or disturbing situation: The cats proved to be a good cure for our mouse problem.
2. Ecclesiastical Spiritual charge or care, as of a priest for a congregation.
3. The office or duties of a curate.
4. The act or process of preserving a product.
v. cured, cur·ing, cures
a. To cause to be free of a disease or unhealthy condition: medicine that cured the patient of gout.
b. To cause to be free of, to lose interest in, or to stop doing something: a remark that cured me of the illusion that I might be a good singer; a bad reaction that cured him of the desire to smoke cigars; a visit to the dentist that cured her of eating sweets.
2. To eliminate (a disease, for example) from the body by medical or other treatment; cause recovery from: new antibiotics to cure infections.
3. To remove or remedy (something harmful or disturbing): cure a social evil.
4. To preserve (meat, for example), as by salting, smoking, or aging.
5. To prepare, preserve, or finish (a substance) by a chemical or physical process.
6. To vulcanize (rubber).
1. To effect a cure or recovery: a drug that cures without side effects.
2. To be prepared, preserved, or finished by a chemical or physical process: hams curing in the smokehouse.

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