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see synonyms of construal


1. construal

an interpretation of the meaning of something; the act of construing

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of construal
an act of construing

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see synonyms of construal
v. con·strued, con·stru·ing, con·strues
1. To understand or explain the meaning of (something), especially in a particular way; interpret: The waiter construed my smile as assent. The editorial construed the act as irresponsible. See Synonyms at explain.
2. Grammar
a. To analyze the structure of (a clause or sentence).
b. To use syntactically: The noun fish can be construed as singular or plural.
3. To translate, especially aloud.
1. To analyze grammatical structure.
2. To be subject to grammatical analysis.
n. (kŏnstr)
An interpretation or translation.

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