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1. conserved

protected from harm or loss

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of conserved
verb (kənˈsɜːv ) (transitive)
to keep or protect from harm, decay, loss, etc
to preserve (a foodstuff, esp fruit) with sugar
noun (ˈkɒnsɜːv , kənˈsɜːv )
a preparation of fruit in sugar, similar to jam but usually containing whole pieces of fruit

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see synonyms of conserved
verb transitiveWord forms: conˈserved or conˈserving
to keep from being damaged, lost, or wasted; save
to make (fruit) into preserves
3.  [often pl.]
a kind of jam made of two or more fruits, often with nuts or raisins added

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see synonyms of conserved
v. con·served, con·serv·ing, con·serves
a. To protect from loss or harm; preserve: calls to conserve our national heritage in the face of bewildering change.
b. To use carefully or sparingly, avoiding waste: kept the thermostat lower to conserve energy.
2. To keep (a quantity) constant through physical or chemical reactions or evolutionary changes.
3. To preserve (fruits) with sugar.
To economize: tried to conserve on fuel during the long winter.
n. (kŏnsûrv)
A jam made of fruits stewed in sugar.

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