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1. buoy

bright-colored; a float attached by rope to the seabed to mark channels in a harbor or underwater hazards


2. buoy

float on the surface of water

3. buoy, buoy up

keep afloat

Example Sentences:
'The life vest buoyed him up'

4. buoy

mark with a buoy

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of buoy
a distinctively shaped and coloured float, anchored to the bottom, for designating moorings, navigable channels, or obstructions in a body of water
See also life buoy
2. (transitive; usually foll by up)
to prevent from sinking
the belt buoyed him up
3. (transitive; usually foll by up)
to raise the spirits of; hearten
4. (transitive) nautical
to mark (a channel or obstruction) with a buoy or buoys
5. (intransitive)
to rise to the surface

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see synonyms of buoy
a floating object anchored in a lake, river, etc. to mark a channel, warn of a hazard, etc., variously shaped and colored, and often equipped with a bell or light
a similar but larger and heavier object, usually with a ring on top, to which a ship can be moored
: in full mooring buoy
life buoy
verb transitive
to mark or provide with a buoy
to keep afloat
usually with up
to lift up or keep up in spirits; encourage
usually with up

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see synonyms of buoy
1. A float placed in water and usually moored, as to mark a location, enable retrieval of a sunken object, or record oceanographic data.
2. A life buoy.
tr.v. buoyed, buoy·ing, buoys
1. To keep afloat or aloft: a glider buoyed by air currents.
a. To maintain at a high level; support: "the persistent ... takeover speculation, which has buoyed up the shares of banks" (Financial Times).
b. To hearten or inspire; uplift: "buoyed up by the team spirit and the pride of the older generation back at home" (Judith Martin).
3. To mark with or as if with a buoy.

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