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1. better

something superior in quality or condition or effect

Example Sentences:
'a change for the better'

2. better, bettor, punter, wagerer

someone who bets

3. better

a superior person having claim to precedence

Example Sentences:
'the common man has been kept in his place by his betters'

4. better

the superior one of two alternatives

Example Sentences:
'chose the better of the two'


5. better, break

surpass in excellence

Example Sentences:
'She bettered her own record'
'break a record'

6. ameliorate, amend, better, improve, meliorate

to make better

Example Sentences:
'The editor improved the manuscript with his changes'

7. ameliorate, better, improve, meliorate

get better

Example Sentences:
'The weather improved toward evening'


8. better

(comparative of good') superior to another (of the same class or set or kind) in excellence or quality or desirability or suitability; more highly skilled than another

Example Sentences:
'You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din'
'a better coat'
'a better type of car'
'a suit with a better fit'
'a better chance of success'
'produced a better mousetrap'
'she's better in math than in history'

9. better

(comparative of good') changed for the better in health or fitness

Example Sentences:
'her health is better now'
'I feel better'

10. best, better

(comparative and superlative of well') wiser or more advantageous and hence advisable

Example Sentences:
'it would be better to speak to him'
'the White House thought it best not to respond'

11. better

more than half

Example Sentences:
'argued for the better part of an hour'


12. better

comparative of well'; in a better or more excellent manner or more advantageously or attractively or to a greater degree etc.

Example Sentences:
'She had never sung better'
'a deed better left undone'
'better suited to the job'

13. best, better

from a position of superiority or authority

Example Sentences:
'father knows best'
'I know better.'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of better
1.  the comparative of good
more excellent than other members of a particular group, category, etc
more suitable, advantageous, attractive, etc
improved in health
fully recovered in health
in more favourable circumstances, esp financially
7.  better off
8.  the better part of
9.  the comparative of well1
in a more excellent manner; more advantageously, attractively, etc
in or to a greater degree or extent; more
she is better loved than her sister
12.  go one better
13.  had better
14.  know better than to
15.  think better of
16.  the better
17. (usually plural)
a person who is superior, esp in social standing or ability
18.  all the better for
19.  all the better to
20.  for better for worse
21.  for the better
22.  get the better of
23.  the better of
to make or become better
25. (transitive)
to improve upon; surpass
a person who bets

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see synonyms of better
compar. of good
of a more excellent sort; surpassing another or others
more suitable, more desirable, more favorable, more profitable, etc.
being more than half; larger
it cost the better part of her pay
improved in health or disposition
6.  compar. of
in a more excellent manner; in a more suitable way
in a higher degree; to a greater extent
it took better than an hour
10.  Informal
had better (see phrase below)
you better behave yourself
a person superior in authority, position, etc.
obey your betters
the thing, circumstance, action, etc. that is more excellent, more suitable, etc.
to get the better of a rival
verb transitive
to outdo; surpass
to make better; improve
verb intransitive
to become better
alt. sp. of

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see synonyms of better
adj. Comparative of good.
1. Greater in excellence or higher in quality: Which of the twins is the better skater?
2. More useful, suitable, or desirable: found a better way to go; a suit with a better fit than that one.
3. More highly skilled or adept: I am better at math than English.
4. Greater or larger: argued for the better part of an hour.
5. More advantageous or favorable; improved: a better chance of success.
6. Healthier, more fit, or in less discomfort than before: The patient is better today.
adv. Comparative of well2.
1. In a more excellent way: He sings better than his father.
a. To a greater extent or degree: better suited to the job; likes it better without sauce.
b. To greater advantage; preferably: a deed better left undone. See Usage Notes at best, have, rather.
3. More: It took me better than a year to recover.
1. One that is greater in excellence or higher in quality.
2. often betters A superior, as in standing, competence, or intelligence: to learn from one's betters.
v. bet·tered, bet·ter·ing, bet·ters
v. tr.
1. To make better; improve: trying to better conditions in the prison; bettered myself by changing jobs.
2. To surpass or exceed: practiced so he could better his rival.
v. intr.
To become better: Conditions bettered with time.
Variant of bettor.
adv. bet·ter (bĕtər), best (bĕst)
1. In a good or proper manner: behaved well.
2. Skillfully or proficiently: dances well.
3. Satisfactorily or sufficiently: slept well.
4. Successfully or effectively: gets along well with people.
5. In a comfortable or affluent manner: lived well.
6. In a manner affording benefit or gain; advantageously: married well.
7. With reason or propriety; reasonably: can't very well say no.
8. In all likelihood; indeed: You may well need your umbrella.
9. In a prudent or sensible manner: You would do well to say nothing more.
10. In a close or familiar manner: knew them well.
11. In a favorable or approving manner: spoke well of them.
12. Thoroughly; completely: well cooked; cooked well.
13. Perfectly; clearly: I well understand your intentions.
14. To a suitable or appropriate degree: This product will answer your needs equally well.
15. To a considerable extent or degree: well over the estimate.
16. With care or attention: listened well.
17. Entirely; fully: well worth seeing.
adj. better, best
1. In a satisfactory condition; right or proper: All is well.
a. Not ailing, infirm, or diseased; healthy. See Synonyms at healthy.
b. Cured or healed, as a wound.
c. Of or characterized by the maintenance of good health practices. Often used in combination: a well-baby clinic; a well-child visit to the doctor.
a. Advisable; prudent: It would be well not to ask.
b. Fortunate; good: It is well that you stayed.
1. Used to introduce a remark, resume a narrative, or fill a pause during conversation.
2. Used to express surprise.
One that bets or places a bet.
adj. bet·ter (bĕtər), best (bĕst)
1. Being positive or desirable in nature; not bad or poor: a good experience; good news from the hospital.
a. Having the qualities that are desirable or distinguishing in a particular thing: a good exterior paint; a good joke.
b. Serving the desired purpose or end; suitable: Is this a good dress for the party?
a. Not spoiled or ruined: The milk is still good.
b. In excellent condition; sound: a good tooth.
a. Superior to the average; satisfactory: a good student.
b. Used formerly to refer to the US Government grade of meat higher than standard and lower than choice.
a. Of high quality: good books.
b. Discriminating: good taste.
a. Of moral excellence; upright: a good person.
b. Benevolent; kind: a good soul; a good heart.
c. Loyal; staunch: a good Republican.
d. Well-behaved; obedient: a good child.
e. Socially correct; proper: good manners.
7. Worthy of respect; honorable: ruined the family's good name.
8. Attractive; handsome: good looks.
9. Beneficial to health; salutary: a good night's rest.
10. Competent; skilled: a good machinist.
11. Complete; thorough: a good workout.
a. Reliable; sure: a good investment.
b. Valid or true: a good reason.
c. Genuine; real: a good dollar bill.
a. In effect; operative: a warranty good for two years; a driver's license that is still good.
b. Ready or able for a specified or assumed activity: I'm good for another round of golf.
a. Able to pay or contribute: Is she good for the money that you lent her?
b. Able to elicit a specified reaction: He is always good for a laugh.
a. Ample; substantial: a good income.
b. Bountiful: a good table.
16. Full: It is a good mile from here.
a. Pleasant; enjoyable: had a good time at the party.
b. Propitious; favorable: good weather; a good omen.
18. Sports
a. Landing within bounds or within a particular area of a court and therefore in play: The first serve was wide, but the second was good.
b. Passing between the uprights of the goal and therefore scoring, as a field goal in football.
19. Used to form exclamatory phrases expressing surprise or dismay: Good heavens! Good grief!
a. Something that is good.
b. A good, valuable, or useful part or aspect.
2. Welfare; benefit: for the common good.
3. Goodness; virtue: There is much good to be found in people.
a. A product that is bought and sold: frozen goods.
b. goods Portable personal property.
c. (used with a sing. or pl. verb) Fabric; material.
5. goods Slang Incriminating information or evidence: tried to get the goods on the crook.

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