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1. base, base of operations

installation from which a military force initiates operations

Example Sentences:
'the attack wiped out our forward bases'

2. base, foot, foundation, fundament, groundwork, substructure, understructure

lowest support of a structure

Example Sentences:
'it was built on a base of solid rock'
'he stood at the foot of the tower'

3. bag, base

a place that the runner must touch before scoring

Example Sentences:
'he scrambled to get back to the bag'

4. base

the bottom or lowest part

Example Sentences:
'the base of the mountain'

5. base

(anatomy) the part of an organ nearest its point of attachment

Example Sentences:
'the base of the skull'

6. base, floor

a lower limit

Example Sentences:
'the government established a wage floor'

7. base, basis, cornerstone, foundation, fundament, groundwork

the fundamental assumptions from which something is begun or developed or calculated or explained

Example Sentences:
'the whole argument rested on a basis of conjecture'

8. base, pedestal, stand

a support or foundation

Example Sentences:
'the base of the lamp'

9. base, nucleotide

a phosphoric ester of a nucleoside; the basic structural unit of nucleic acids (DNA or RNA)

10. alkali, base

any of various water-soluble compounds capable of turning litmus blue and reacting with an acid to form a salt and water

Example Sentences:
'bases include oxides and hydroxides of metals and ammonia'

11. base

the bottom side of a geometric figure from which the altitude can be constructed

Example Sentences:
'the base of the triangle'

12. base, basis

the most important or necessary part of something

Example Sentences:
'the basis of this drink is orange juice'

13. base, radix

(numeration system) the positive integer that is equivalent to one in the next higher counting place

Example Sentences:
'10 is the radix of the decimal system'

14. base, home

the place where you are stationed and from which missions start and end

15. al-qa'ida, al-qaeda, al-qaida, base, qaeda

a terrorist network intensely opposed to the United States that dispenses money and logistical support and training to a wide variety of radical Islamic terrorist groups; has cells in more than 50 countries

16. base, radical, root, root word, stem, theme

(linguistics) the form of a word after all affixes are removed

Example Sentences:
'thematic vowels are part of the stem'

17. base, infrastructure

the stock of basic facilities and capital equipment needed for the functioning of a country or area

Example Sentences:
'the industrial base of Japan'

18. base

the principal ingredient of a mixture

Example Sentences:
'glycerinated gelatin is used as a base for many ointments'
'he told the painter that he wanted a yellow base with just a hint of green'
'everything she cooked seemed to have rice as the base'

19. base

a flat bottom on which something is intended to sit

Example Sentences:
'a tub should sit on its own base'

20. base

(electronics) the part of a transistor that separates the emitter from the collector


21. base, establish, found, ground

use as a basis for; found on

Example Sentences:
'base a claim on some observation'

22. base

situate as a center of operations

Example Sentences:
'we will base this project in the new lab'

23. base, free-base

use (purified cocaine) by burning it and inhaling the fumes


24. basal, base

serving as or forming a base

Example Sentences:
'the painter applied a base coat followed by two finishing coats'

25. base, baseborn, humble, lowly

of low birth or station (base' is archaic in this sense)

Example Sentences:
'baseborn wretches with dirty faces'
'of humble (or lowly) birth'

26. base

(used of metals) consisting of or alloyed with inferior metal

Example Sentences:
'base coins of aluminum'
'a base metal'

27. base, immoral

not adhering to ethical or moral principles

Example Sentences:
'base and unpatriotic motives'
'a base, degrading way of life'
'cheating is dishonorable'
'they considered colonialism immoral'
'unethical practices in handling public funds'

28. base, mean, meanspirited

having or showing an ignoble lack of honor or morality

Example Sentences:
'that liberal obedience without which your army would be a base rabble'
'taking a mean advantage'
'chok'd with ambition of the meaner sort'
'something essentially vulgar and meanspirited in politics'

29. base, baseborn


30. base

debased; not genuine

Example Sentences:
'an attempt to eliminate the base coinage'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of base
the bottom or supporting part of anything
the fundamental or underlying principle or part, as of an idea, system, or organization; basis
a centre of operations, organization, or supply
the climbers made a base at 8000 feet
(as modifier)
base camp
a centre from which military activities are coordinated
anything from which a process, as of measurement, action, or thought, is or may be begun; starting point
the new discovery became the base for further research
the main ingredient of a mixture
to use rice as a base in cookery
a chemical compound that combines with an acid to form a salt and water. A solution of a base in water turns litmus paper blue, produces hydroxyl ions, and has a pH greater than 7. Bases are metal oxides or hydroxides or amines
See also Lewis base
8. biochemistry
any of the nitrogen-containing constituents of nucleic acids: adenine, thymine (in DNA), uracil (in RNA), guanine, or cytosine
a medium such as oil or water in which the pigment is dispersed in paints, inks, etc; vehicle
the inorganic material on which the dye is absorbed in lake pigments; carrier
11. biology
the part of an organ nearest to its point of attachment
the point of attachment of an organ or part
the bottommost layer or part of anything
13. architecture
the lowest division of a building or structure
the lower part of a column or pier
14.  another word for baseline (sense 2)
the lower side or face of a geometric construction
16. mathematics
the number of distinct single-digit numbers in a counting system, and so the number represented as 10 in a place-value system
the binary system has two digits, 0 and 1, and 10 to base 2 represents 2
(of a logarithm or exponential) the number whose powers are expressed
since 1000 = 103, the logarithm of 1000 to base 10 is 3
(of a mathematical structure) a substructure from which the given system can be generated
the initial instance from which a generalization is proven by mathematical induction
17. Also called: base clause logic, mathematics
the initial element of a recursive definition, that defines the first element of the infinite sequence generated thereby
18. linguistics
a root or stem
b.  base component
19. electronics
the region in a transistor between the emitter and collector
20. photography
the glass, paper, or cellulose-ester film that supports the sensitized emulsion with which it is coated
21. heraldry
the lower part of the shield
22. jewellery
the quality factor used in pricing natural pearls
a starting or finishing point in any of various games
24. baseball
any of the four corners of the diamond, which runners have to reach in order to score
the main source of a certain commodity or element
a customer base
their fan base
26.  off base
27.  touch base
28. (tr foll by on or upon)
to use as a basis (for); found (on)
your criticisms are based on ignorance
29. (often foll by at or in)
to station, post, or place (a person or oneself)
devoid of honour or morality; ignoble; contemptible
of inferior quality or value
debased; alloyed; counterfeit
base currency
4. English history
(of land tenure) held by villein or other ignoble service
holding land by villein or other ignoble service
5. archaic
born of humble parents; plebeian
6. archaic
adjective, noun
7. music an obsolete spelling of bass1

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see synonyms of base
the thing or part on which something rests; lowest part or bottom; foundation
the fundamental or main part, as of a plan, organization, system, theory, etc.
the principal or essential ingredient, or the one serving as a vehicle
paint with an oil base
anything from which a start is made; basis
the point of attachment of a part of the body
the base of the thumb
a center of operations or source of supply; headquarters, as of a military operation or exploring expedition
the bottommost layer or coat, as of paint
a makeup cream to give a desired color to the skin, esp. in the theater
8.  Architecture
the lower part, as of a column, pier, or wall, regarded as a separate unit
9.  Baseball
any of the four objects at the four corners of the infield that must be reached safely one after the other to score a run: three (first base, second base, and third base) are set above the ground while the fourth (home plate) is set flush with the ground
10.  Chemistry
any compound that can react with an acid to form a salt, the hydroxyl of the base being replaced by a negative ion: in modern theory, any substance that produces a negative ion and donates electrons to an acid to form covalent bonds: in water solution a base tastes bitter, turns red litmus paper blue, and, in dissociation theory, produces free hydroxyl ions
see also pH
any of the two purines (adenine or guanine) or three pyrimidines (thymine, cytosine, or uracil) that are the key building blocks of nucleic acid
see also base pair
11.  Dyeing
a substance used for fixing colors
12.  Electronics
in some transistors, the region or layer of semiconductor material, acting as an electrode, that separates the emitter from the collector and receives an electric current of electrons or holes
13.  Geometry
the line or plane upon which a figure is thought of as resting
the base of a triangle
14.  Heraldry
the lower portion of a shield
15.  Linguistics
any morpheme to which prefixes, suffixes, etc. are or can be added; stem or root
16.  Ancient Mathematics
a whole number, esp. 10 or 2, made the fundamental number, and raised to various powers to produce the major counting units, of a number system; radix
any number raised to a power by an exponent
see also logarithm
a starting or reference figure or sum upon which certain calculations are made
forming a base
verb transitiveWord forms: based or ˈbasing
to make or form a base or foundation for
to put or rest (on) as a base or basis
to base a guess on past experience
to place or station (in or at a base)
adjectiveWord forms: ˈbaser or ˈbasest
having or showing little or no honor, courage, or decency; mean; ignoble; contemptible
a base coward, base ingratitude
of a menial or degrading kind
base servitude
inferior in quality
4.  Rare
not classical or cultivated
base Latin
of comparatively low worth
iron is a base metal, gold a precious one
debased or counterfeit
base coin
having the low feudal status of villein
held by one having this status
base tenure
8.  Archaic
low in height; short
9.  Archaic
of servile, humble, or illegitimate birth
10.  Obsolete
low or inferior in place or position
11.  Obsolete
12.  Obsolete

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see synonyms of base
1. The lowest or bottom part: the base of a cliff; the base of a lamp.
2. Biology
a. The part of a plant or animal organ that is nearest to its point of attachment.
b. The point of attachment of such an organ.
a. A supporting part or layer; a foundation: a skyscraper built on a base of solid rock.
b. A basic or underlying element; infrastructure: the nation's industrial base.
4. The fundamental principle or underlying concept of a system or theory; a basis.
5. A fundamental ingredient; a chief constituent: a paint with an oil base.
6. The fact, observation, or premise from which a reasoning process is begun.
a. Games A starting point, safety area, or goal.
b. Baseball Any one of the four corners of an infield, marked by a bag or plate, that must be touched by a runner before a run can be scored.
a. A center of organization, supply, or activity; a headquarters.
b. The portion of a social organization, especially a political party, consisting of the most dedicated or motivated members.
a. A fortified center of operations.
b. A supply center for a large force of military personnel.
10. A facial cosmetic used to even out the complexion or provide a surface for other makeup; a foundation.
11. Architecture The lowest part of a structure, such as a wall, considered as a separate unit: the base of a column.
12. Heraldry The lower part of a shield.
13. Linguistics A morpheme or morphemes regarded as a form to which affixes or other bases may be added.
14. Mathematics
a. The side or face of a geometric figure to which an altitude is or is thought to be drawn.
b. The number that is raised to various powers to generate the principal counting units of a number system. The base of the decimal system, for example, is 10.
c. The number raised to the logarithm of a designated number in order to produce that designated number; the number at which a chosen logarithmic scale has the value 1.
15. A line used as a reference for measurement or computations.
16. Chemistry
a. Any of a class of compounds whose aqueous solutions are characterized by a bitter taste, a slippery feel, the ability to turn litmus blue, and the ability to react with acids to form salts.
b. A substance that yields hydroxide ions when dissolved in water.
c. A substance that can act as a proton acceptor.
d. A substance that can donate a pair of electrons to form a covalent bond.
17. Electronics
a. The region in a transistor between the emitter and the collector.
b. The electrode attached to this region.
18. One of the nitrogen-containing purines (adenine and guanine) or pyrimidines (cytosine, thymine, and uracil) that occurs attached to the sugar component of DNA or RNA.
1. Forming or serving as a base: a base layer of soil.
2. Situated at or near the base or bottom: a base camp for the mountain climbers.
3. Chemistry Of, relating to, or containing a base.
tr.v. based, bas·ing, bas·es
1. To form or provide a base for: based the new company in Portland.
2. To find a basis for; establish: based her conclusions on the report; a film based on a best-selling novel.
3. To assign to a base; station: troops based in the Middle East.
adj. bas·er, bas·est
1. Having or showing a lack of decency; contemptible, mean-spirited, or selfish.
a. Being a metal that is of little value.
b. Containing such metals: base coins.
3. Archaic Of low birth, rank, or position.
4. Obsolete Short in stature.
A bass singer or voice.

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