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1. aggregation, assembling, collecting, collection

the act of gathering something together

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of assembling
to come or bring together; collect or congregate
to fit or join together (the parts of something, such as a machine)
to assemble the parts of a kit
to run (a computer program) that converts a set of symbolic data, usually in the form of specific single-step instructions, into machine language
a sideways leap in which the feet come together in the air in preparation for landing

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see synonyms of assembling
verb transitive, verb intransitiveWord forms: asˈsembled or asˈsembling
to gather into a group; collect
2.  US
to fit or put together the parts of (a machine, etc.)
to translate (a computer program, instruction, etc. in assembly language) into machine language
said of an assembly program

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see synonyms of assembling
v. as·sem·bled, as·sem·bling, as·sem·bles
1. To bring or call together into a group or whole: The bailiff assembled the jury. See Synonyms at call.
2. To fit together the parts or pieces of: assemble a machine; assemble data.
To gather together; congregate: Protesters assembled on the common. See Synonyms at gather.

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