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1. ala

a flat wing-shaped process or winglike part of an organism

Example Sentences:
'the alae of the nose'
'the alae of a maple seed'
'the flat petals of a pea blossom are alae'

2. ala

a wing of an insect

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of ala
nounWord forms: plural alae (ˈeɪliː )
1. zoology
a wing or flat winglike process or structure, such as a part of some bones and cartilages
2. botany
a winglike part, such as one of the wings of a sycamore seed or one of the flat petals of a sweet pea flower
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see synonyms of ala
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nounWord forms: plural ˈaˌlae (ˈeɪˌli ; āˈlēˌ)
1.  Zoology
a wing
a winglike structure, as a lobe of the ear or a side petal of a butterfly-shaped corolla

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see synonyms of ala
n. pl. a·lae (ālē)
1. Zoology A wing or winglike structure or part.
2. Anatomy A flat, winglike anatomic process or part, especially of bone.
3. Botany The flattened border of some stems, fruits, and seeds, or either one of the two side petals of certain flowers in the pea family.

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