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Define Airbrush in English

Airbrush meaning in English

Meaning of Airbrush in English

Pronunciation of Airbrush in English

Airbrush pronunciation in English

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1. airbrush

an atomizer to spray paint by means of compressed air


2. airbrush

paint with an airbrush

Example Sentences:
'The old car looks like new now that we airbrushed it'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of airbrush
an atomizer for spraying paint or varnish by means of compressed air
verb (transitive)
to paint or varnish (something) by using an airbrush
to improve the image of (a person or thing) by concealing defects beneath a bland exterior
an airbrushed version of the government's record

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see synonyms of airbrush
a kind of atomizer operated by compressed air and used for spraying on paint or other liquid
: also air brush
verb transitive
to paint or modify with or as with an airbrush, esp. in order to hide flaws or improve the appearance of a photograph, film, etc.

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see synonyms of airbrush
An atomizer using compressed air to spray a liquid, such as paint, on a surface.
tr.v. air·brushed, air·brush·ing, air·brush·es
1. To spray with an airbrush.
a. To alter (an image, especially a photograph) by means of an airbrush or other technique in order to increase its attractiveness or conceal an unwanted part.
b. To alter or obscure (an unwanted part) in an image, especially by using an airbrush.
c. To alter (a report, for example) in order to conceal or obscure unpleasant details.
d. To obscure or delete (unpleasant details) in a report or other document.

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