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1. agora

100 agorot equal 1 shekel in Israel

2. agora

the marketplace in ancient Greece

3. agora, public square

a place of assembly for the people in ancient Greece

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


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noun plural -rae (-riː, -raɪ)
(often capital)
the marketplace in Athens, used for popular meetings, or any similar place of assembly in ancient Greece
the meeting itself
noun plural -rot or -roth (-ˈrɒt)
an Israeli monetary unit worth one hundredth of a shekel

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nounWord forms: plural ˈagoˌrae (ˈægəˌri ; agˈərēˌ) or ˈagoras (ˈægərəz ; agˈərəz)
in ancient Greece, an assembly or assembly place, esp. a marketplace
nounWord forms: plural ˌagoˈrot (ˌɑgoʊˈroʊt ; äˌgōrōtˈ)
a monetary unit of Israel, equal to 1100 of a shekel

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n. pl. ag·o·ras or ag·o·rae (-ə-rē)
A place of congregation, especially an ancient Greek marketplace.
n. pl. a·go·rot (-rōt)
An Israeli unit of currency equal to 1/100 of the sheqel.

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