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WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of agonizing
causing acute mental pain
The family now faces an agonizing wait for news of their daughter's fate.
It was an agonizing choice to have to make.
He faced an agonizing decision about his future.
causing acute physical pain
He did not wish to die the agonizing death of his mother and brother.
the agonizing death endured by his mother
I felt an ache in my shoulder. Within 15 minutes the pain was agonizing.

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see synonyms of agonizing
v. ag·o·nized, ag·o·niz·ing, ag·o·niz·es
1. To suffer mental anguish or worry about something: agonized over the difficult decision.
2. To suffer extreme pain: The explorers agonized in the hot sun.
To cause great pain or anguish to. See Synonyms at afflict.

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