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1. agglutinate

string together (morphemes in an agglutinating language)

2. agglutinate

clump together; as of bacteria, red blood cells, etc.


3. agglutinate, agglutinative

united as if by glue

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of agglutinate
verb (əˈɡluːtɪˌneɪt )
to adhere or cause to adhere, as with glue
2. linguistics
to combine or be combined by agglutination
3. (transitive)
to cause (bacteria, red blood cells, etc) to clump together
adjective (əˈɡluːtɪnɪt , -ˌneɪt)
united or stuck, as by glue

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see synonyms of agglutinate
stuck together, as with glue
2.  Linguistics
forming words by agglutination
verb transitive, verb intransitiveWord forms: agˈglutiˌnated or agˈglutiˌnating
to stick together, as with glue; join by adhesion
4.  Linguistics
to form (words) by agglutination
5.  Medicine and Bacteriology
to clump, as microorganisms, blood cells, etc.

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see synonyms of agglutinate
v. ag·glu·ti·nat·ed, ag·glu·ti·nat·ing, ag·glu·ti·nates
1. To cause to adhere, as with glue.
2. Linguistics To form (words) by combining words or words and word elements.
3. Biology To cause (cells or particles) to clump together.
1. To join together into a group or mass.
2. Linguistics To form words by agglutination.
3. Biology To clump together; undergo agglutination.
n. (-ĭt)

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