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1. affairs, personal business, personal matters

matters of personal concern

Example Sentences:
'get his affairs in order'

2. affairs

transactions of professional or public interest

Example Sentences:
'news of current affairs'
'great affairs of state'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of affairs
plural noun
personal or business interests
his affairs were in disorder
matters of public interest
current affairs

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see synonyms of affairs
a. Something done or experienced; a matter or event: Preparing dessert was a messy affair.
b. A matter of personal concern: What I did is my own affair.
c. A matter causing public scandal and controversy: the Dreyfus affair.
d. A social function: The reception was a posh affair.
2. affairs
a. Transactions and other matters of professional or public business: affairs of state.
b. Personal business: get one's affairs in order.
3. An object or a contrivance: Their first car was a ramshackle affair.
4. A sexual relationship between two people, especially when at least one of them is married or in another committed romantic relationship.

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