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1. admiral, full admiral

the supreme commander of a fleet; ranks above a vice admiral and below a fleet admiral

2. admiral

any of several brightly colored butterflies

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of admiral
the supreme commander of a fleet or navy
2. Also called: admiral of the fleet, fleet admiral
a naval officer of the highest rank, equivalent to general of the army or field marshal
a senior naval officer entitled to fly his or her own flag
See also rear admiral, vice admiral
4. mainly British
the master of a fishing fleet
any of various nymphalid butterflies, esp the red admiral or white admiral

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see synonyms of admiral
the commanding officer of a navy or fleet
2.  Us Navy
an officer of the highest rank, ranking just above a vice admiral and having the insignia of four stars
see also fleet admiral
generally, any of the officers ranking above a captain, with admiral as part of the title of their rank
3.  Archaic
a vessel carrying the admiral; flagship
any of various large, colorful butterflies (genera Limenitis and Vanessa) with unusually small forelegs

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see synonyms of admiral
1. The commander in chief of a fleet.
2. A flag officer.
a. A commissioned rank in the US Navy or Coast Guard that is above vice admiral and below Fleet Admiral.
b. One who holds the rank of admiral, Fleet Admiral, rear admiral, or vice admiral.
4. Any of various brightly colored nymphalid butterflies of the genera Limenitis and Vanessa, especially V. atalanta, having black wings with red bands.
5. Archaic The ship carrying an admiral; flagship.

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