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1. administrator, decision maker

someone who administers a business

2. administrator

the party appointed by a probate court to distribute the estate of someone who dies without a will or without naming an executor

3. administrator, executive

someone who manages a government agency or department

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of administrator
a person who administers the affairs of an organization, official body, etc
2. property law
a person authorized to manage an estate, esp when the owner has died intestate or without having appointed executors
a person who manages a computer system

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see synonyms of administrator
a person who administers
an executive or official of a business, institution, etc.
3.  Law
a person appointed by a court to settle an estate
see also executor

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see synonyms of administrator
1. One who administers, especially one who works as a manager in a business, government agency, or school.
2. Law One appointed to administer an estate.

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